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Welcome to our culture

José Praia is a world-class singer and musician of Portuguese music, specialized in not only Traditional Folklore Music from across all the regions of Portugal, but also in Fado, in its two best-known styles - Lisbon Fado and Coimbra Fado.

Founded in 1986 by José Praia in Albufeira and his sons Alberto, Gonçalo and Miguel Praia, this group conquered with their cheerful and catchy music the region of the Algarve and beyond the borders. So far they are still the main reference of traditional music in Portugal and without any doubt the best the Algarve has to offer musically.

Their performances, be it in restaurants, hotels, festivals or other venues, are a unique concept and considered by the press to be a musical journey from the «Alto Minho» in northern Portugal, to the Algarve in the South, but not forgetting islands of Azores and Madeira. During this musical voyage, the public receives a presentation of "the best of the portuguese traditional music", using all the «tools» that Portugal has to offer. It's hard to sit still with the chords of the accordion, cavaquinho, braguesa, mandolin, concertina, viola, guitar, bass, bombo drum, tambourines, triangles, castanholas and reco-recos. Their songs tell more about the customs and habits of the Portuguese people and the public is invited to participate and sing along the melodies that soon are becoming familiar hearing them.

The musical agenda goes back many generations and their manager, José Praia, compositor and author nr. 023309 of the «Society of Portuguese Authors» (SPA) is responsible for a large part of their repertoire, which to a large extent also has been released.

One of the current and much appreciated events is a 2-hours show (in 4 parts) where the Traditional folk music is interspersed with Fado. José Praia plays the 12-string Portuguese Fado Guitar and, together with his son, Gonçalo, brings a balanced and very fine selection of both Lisbon and Coimbra Fado styles.

Visit one of their performances and you'll become quickly convinced of their talent and their ability to get everybody excited and to conquer many hearts.